About the Book

The time frame is June through September of 1863. The  characters were real people. The story follows the lives of five men who  defended their homeland in America’s most costly war. The novel is set in Northwest  Georgia.

A heavily researched book about brave people making  their way through impossible circumstances, and about families torn apart. Their  lives were not easy, and this event made life unbearable, and impossible to stay  in their homes. The main character, Spillbsy Dyer, at thirty-five had to remain  faithful in his duty as an officer, and resist the temptation to desert the  Army, knowing his

nearby family was in harm’s way.

Other characters were part of a mass movement by rail of troops stationed in Richmond, Virginia and transported to Northern Georgia. They were among the ones who historian Mary Chesnut  wrote about when she recorded, “At Kingsville, NC, I caught a glimpse of our  army. God Bless these brave fellows. Not one man intoxicated, not one rude word  did I hear. It was a strange sight. Miles of platform cars-soldiers rolled in  their blankets, lying in rows, heads covered and fast asleep. In their gray  blankets, packed in regular order, they looked like swathed mummies. All these  fine fellows going to kill or be killed. Why?”

These men were part of the 132,000 soldiers who  descended on the farm land of Northwestern  Georgia, from  all areas of this young country, in the drought ridden summer of  1863.